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Rock Fitness

The interactive way to enjoy a wide array of fitness routines geared to help you reach your fitness goals. Exercises come with complete video tutorials to aid form based on gender, level, and fitness objectives to maximize your gym performance.

Your Own Personal Trainer

Rock Fitness App is a complicated fitness app with a library of exercises and with a smart generator of workouts. The App gets the information from the user and then smartly with a click of a button it can generate a pack of workouts according to the user’s needs. If the user wants to do workouts targeting specific body part, they can choose any exercises from the list of exercises. All the exercises are linked to the Youtube videos, so the user can click on the exercise and video of the exercise will be shown.

App has contrast design which is specific to the gym that the app was made for. There is custom made animations in the app which make the interaction of the user with the app to be smoother. Inside the app, there are also adverts that the gym asked our team to put in. Also, there are links to the social networks of the gym in the app.


Operating Systems

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