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Crash Simulator 18 Crash Simulator 18 is a racing game with realistic car physics and beautiful graphics. Realistic car damage was a unique feature for desktop devices for a long time, but now you can damage your car anywhere.


The game has features such a destroyable physics, customizable cars, in-app purchases and many others. Destroyable physics is a unique feature for the mobile platform and only a few games have that. The feature allows the player to destroy the car by damaging it on specific levels. Another Interesting feature that the game has, is customization of the cars. Players have the ability to fully customize their cars, they can choose from varying numbers of colors, skins, and even different paint types. The game has 3 cars and all of them have a detailed interior as well as exterior. Interiors of the cars can also be customized by the player. There is one big Free Level in the game which allows the player freely test their cars in the most dangerous ways.

The player can fully destroy their cars by crashing them into dangerous walls or jumping from the tall tower. The game also has 18 Dangerous Levels which are full of dangerous objects and the task of the player to reach the finish line for the certain time. If that is too easy, the player can try to compete with other players by worldwide leaderboard records. The game has a beautiful graphics which was achieved by the detailed models and high-quality textures. The game was made in Unity 2017 which has a great lighting and shadow system. This combination gave us a game with beautiful and highly realistic graphics. Simple and easy to use design with custom-made animations will give the player the best experience. Crash Simulator is available on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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