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Amaze Full Software

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Amaze Full Software

We offer a quality software or game that you or your company needs. Our team will make sure that you will get the highest output and that all your requirements are met whether your budget is high or low. From simple mobile apps till complicated standalone software for windows or mac, we will provide you the best. 

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Who Are We?

We are a small company located in East Riding Yorkshire and we provide software and games for all your needs. We provide all kind of software beginning from small mobile applications, games and full standalone applications for windows and mac. Our company works closely with our customers to meet their requirements and make sure that they get the best possible outcome. 

What Can We Do?

Our company provides all sort of software, whether it is a simple app or complicated game. Our apps can have such simple functions like links to your companies social networks, access to data from the server or custom animations. But if required we can add more advanced functions like an integration of social networks into the app, login system or even content management system. All the UI in our apps are made by us and if needed the UI can be custom made.